Who İnvented The First Cell Phone Charger?

Who İnvented The First Cell Phone Charger? That is a really interesting information. Cell phones batteries had been a problem since the cell phones were made. The first cell phone chargers were big and heavy. Also they need so much power for using them.

They were tolerating 30 hours with 10 hours charge. The science men began to produce and improve new technologies for finding more useful and easier chargers. After this time, cell phone chargers began to be smaller and powerfull. Well, have you ever wondered who did make the cell phone chargers?

The First Cell Phone Charger

The first cell phone charger was made by Wen-Chin Yang in 2000. He put in for the patent for the cell phone chargers. The device had USB place and DC translater for taking electricity from computer. Also ıt had a cell phone charge cable which you can affix to the computer.

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In 2004, A company which name is NTT DoCoMo, decided to solve the problem with a carriable fuel cell which is using for producing some electricity. However, the device couldn’t sell. Therefore, people tried to improve charges as much as they can do.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

LithiumIon batteries were developed by Haidue and these batteries affected cell phone charger markets so much. They could be using more effectively. They also didn’t have the memory effect problems like the other versions. They developed a battery which the chargers can cope with batery monsters. Normally, these developments affect the prices of cell phones.

Because of the developing technology, people can produce different chargers which is easier to use. For this reason, prices of chargers are being more expensive. People are adding more speciality to cell phone chargers for making users more comfortable with their charger.

In that way, the prices are increasing and lithium-ion batteries are getting too populer. So, the developments are effecting people in bad ways as well. That’s why we’d better look at the other side of progress of the chargers.

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